X: Brain is All that Matters


Transformation is the fundamental characteristic of our universe. It is a perpetual process and every particle in it goes through some transformation or the other, every moment. Nothing is static. Since the human existence is very much part of the Nature, it too changes with the time. Human beings, however, perceive such changes (in constant states of life) as luck and good lucks, intervention of super powers (Gods, demigods etc.), resultant of their Karmas and sometimes just “bad times”. Most of us, thus, continuously live in a state of constant apprehension. We tend to term the events in our lives either as chances or destiny and keep on contemplating about the future. We have to be very clear about the perceptive world and spiritual awareness at this point. As we have described in earlier chapters, the thoughts influence the Neurons emitting from the brain and have the power to create a subjective reality for us. As long as a person is caught in a web of thoughts and dreams, there is every possibility that a part or whole of what they think may happen in front of their eyes. It has to be understood that the truth cannot be seen by moving from one dream to another or changing perceptions. The truth is in waking up (coming out of the illusion).

Since our beliefs, ideas and dreams are all based on past memories (every passing moment is the past for us because we have not known to live in the present), we develop an unconscious habit of comparing things and events with one another. Since the thoughts cannot touch the awareness and the words cannot grasp sensitivity, each event gets stored in our memory as an indistinct memory with only vague information. When an event recurs and such a memory is recalled by the mind for comparison, again an incomplete and nebulous analysis takes place. We, human beings living in our minds, do not perceive this fact and keep on believing that what we know (remember) is the true knowledge. That is how we draw away from the truth every moment of our lives.

The Science of the Universe

The universe seems static to us but it is not so. The changes are taking place but we are not able to witness them. We see a green leaf on the tree one season and on the ground the next. Our memory is only a still photography; it is not dynamic or astir. The words cannot catch the action and we do not see or witness the activity between two events. This leaves a gap between two memories. The memory itself does not understand why the gap is formed and tries to fill it up with an illusory presence of self. This is how "I" is created. Each memory that is recalled makes the mind think that there was somebody in the past (when the event first took place) to experience that event. The illusion of "I" is thus nothing but a void between two memories. We have millions of memories since childhood and past lives and our "I" has become so solidified, that it appears as a reality to us (what we think we are today is the "I" itself). I am a Hindu or a Christian or a decorated person or good, bad, wise, intelligent or saints etcetera, are nothing but properties of "I". The truth lies much beyond them. When we have rid ourselves of thoughts, dreams, perceptions, beliefs, ideals and alike, the brain will start taking control. This is the state we have termed as "Pragnya" in earlier chapters. The brain only, free of mind, can witness the changes or transformation taking place in the universe. The brain, in turn, is nothing but Gray Matter. Revolution in the human life can only be brought about by the brain, for it is Nature itself and such a revolution will be termed "Grey Matter Revolution".

For a scientific outlook, we shall try to discuss this matter in the light of Thermodynamics. Many of the mysteries of the universe started unfolding when the Laws of Thermodynamics were established. Thermodynamics, in principle, deals with the science of relations between heat and mechanical process (or work). The first law states that when heat is converted to work, the process is never efficient; i.e., there is some loss of energy. Therefore, energy used in doing work will be equal to the amount of the work done, plus the heat lost in the process. In broader terms, the energy cannot be created or destroyed. The second law states, that the heat always flows "downhill", i.e. from an object having a higher temperature to an object having a lower temperature. The third law defines the absolute zero temperature, when all the molecular activities stop. One more law, however, has been added and put ahead of the first law. It says that no heat flows between any two bodies that are at the same temperature.

Let us consider the whole universe as a mass of energy and the work of Nature (solar systems, galaxies, molecular activities etc.), including the actions performed by the living beings, as a mechanical process. We will know from the first law that there has to be some loss of energy in the process. If we have to make an equation, we can define the total energy by the sum of work done plus the loss of energy. Practically, it will not be possible to measure every action of a singular molecule in the universe to determine the total work done. We can however, manage to look in to the loss of energy, which is of importance to us. The second law says that the heat always flows "downhill". If we assume that every single action in the universe is drawing some energy from the mass of the universe (considering mass of universe as a void of intense energy field), there surely is some loss of energy. This energy, however, will appear as a loss but remain in the system. That leads us to the principle of entropy.

The term entropy is the quantitative measure of the relative disorder of a system. In mathematical and physical terms, a system in which everything is at the same temperature is considered "orderly", and higher temperature introduces "disorder". Since the speed of creation is incessant, it is a constant flow of energy from the universe to the working system. What science terms as disorder, is what we have referred to as "transformation", in the earlier paragraphs. The process energy or the work done in the universe is resulting into a resultant energy that we see as new creations. Therefore, new things will keep on being created in the universe, let alone our earth. The rule of entropy applies to all kinds of energy. Some scientists believe that the energy in the universe will eventually be distributed evenly and irrevocably, creating a condition of universal entropy - or the heat death of the universe (The New York Public Library Science Desk Reference; Page 284).

The universal or cosmic energy is being constantly flowing down to us, resulting in evolution of species on earth. For example, a warm mug of tea set on a cold table will pass heat to the table. Once the mug and table are at the same temperature, no more work can be expected. If we consider the mug, as the universe and table as the components of it, the last stage is the dooms day. We are, however, more interested in utilizing this transfer of energy. Somehow, humans are not as insipid as the molecules of the table. Nature has created the human brain and given it the power to create and sustain an eternal and happy life. Eternal because even if the work stops, eventually what will remain last will be the same where it came from. Energy cannot be destroyed or created. In between, we can make human life happy because the end is still millions of years ahead.
Recently when scientists were trying to explore the relationships of the world with the biodiversity, they derived the Principles of Biodynamics. Biodynamics means the capacity of micro organisms to establish maximum order within the present state of today and the unstability of tomorrow. We can also term it as ‘micro organism life cycle’.

Right now, we are at the stage where the entropy is at its ascending peak (actually negative because the pinnacle of it will be the beginning of the end). At this time, there are more opportunities to experiment and create new things. The question is, “Who is there to create anything”? The system is indeed running on its own but we can control the transformation. Since everything will be created from the very elements of Nature, Nature will not differentiate one thing from another. This can be, however, done only by the brain or Gray Matter since it alone has the power to witness the transformation in the universe. It is the brain that can utilize the cosmic energy and transforms it to the benefits of mankind. For that, we will have to first become brains, devoid of "I". Since the cause, essence and resultant of every single action is the cosmic energy, it will be foolish to consider "I" as any power or truth. Life to death and death to birth are all nothing but transformation of the same energy from one shape or state to another. All our Gods, demigods, saints and angels are within the system. Every form is a transformation from an earlier form. To think that they can provide any happiness and truth is again foolish.

Brain in the Live Moment

The neurons are emitted from the brain as explained in the earlier chapter. Since the brain is Nature itself, the neurons have the power of creation. What we do not want to understand is that when we "think" something, the neurons in the brain get charged and the things start happening. Through the same process we have been creating religions, heaven, hell and also an illusory world to live in. Beware the world is not an illusion, because it has been created by transformation of the cosmic energy. Neither our bodies, because they have the same. The illusion is the one we think that is inside our bodies and enjoying the world. The flow of energy, which is in reality the sensitivity of the body in the spiritual world, is the ultimate truth and nothing else. And the very moment where this incessant transformation is taking place is the "Live Moment". Since every moment in itself is alive, there is no Time and Space. We mistakenly term it as ‘consciousness’, which is the sensitivity of the mind and not of our concern here. Swami Samartha Ramdas says “Tethe laksh alaksha sarve budale”.

The human life on earth is a system within a system, originated from a single cell amoeba. The essence, however, is the micro-organism (jeev shrishti) that sustains the life. Micro-organism has a complex role of providing improvisation to the human life and work towards its opulence and improvement. No one knows why it created an intricate world system that consists of mysteries and secrets. The micro-organism has manifested from the Nature (whole universe and not just Earth’s environment) and it has created the human brain. When life was being evolved, Nature wanted to understand (through sensitivity) itself and developed the human brain for its own fulfillment. We have, however, polluted the very purpose of Nature with our ego, thoughts and false pretenses. In order to survive and prosper in the Earth’s atmosphere, the micro-organism has created a unique biological environment that we define as the Eco-system. If we had let the brain prosper, it would have worked towards making the life happy, in the natural way. Till date, we think that we are growing the trees, vegetables and grains. The truth is, however, the other way round. We are not supporting the Eco-system; the Eco-system is supporting us. Nothing goes waste in the nature. Everything is recycled in a natural way. We eat food, defecate the next day and the same is recycled by the system into other biological components. The brain has the power to sustain life and even make it happier by providing true happiness and satisfaction (through awareness and sensitivity). If scientists can understand this little truth, they should work towards freeing the brain from the clutches of the illusory mind.

"I" is not only formed in the present life, but is carried forward from the previous lives as well. In my view, an experiment should be made on a few newborn children. They should be raised away from the society, their parents and any external influences. Devoid of worldly impositions, the brain cells will tend to be more active. Even if one or two of them are able to remember their previous lives, it will be a proof in itself. There have been a few efforts in this direction. Dr Stevenson has illustrated many such cases in his book “Death after life”. Evan Elich established the De-School Society on the same principle. Noted philosopher J. Krishnamurti had founded a school where there are no competitions and grades. The brain is allowed to develop naturally.

Regardless of our state of mind, Nature is working in its own way. It is using the human brain to a certain extent (whenever it becomes thoughtless) and creates new things necessary to sustain and advance the life. We, caught in our ego or "I", think that we have created the things and keep on trying to satisfy the false egos. The inventions of today are just to satisfy the mind. The same inventions can be utilized in a better and more productive way if the brain is in charge.

It is not that nobody has been able to witness the truth. Though the ones who do, witness that every single molecule is part of the same cosmic energy that forms the universe. Different creatures, trees, plants and every creation in this universe, are just transformations of the universal energy or consciousness. The duality does not exist and for them, there are no "others". The Live Moment is free of Time, Space and Matter. Then, nothing matters any more for a self-realized person. Having witnessed the truth, he understands the drama of the illusory world and yet knows that nothing can be destroyed or created. Though, there have been a few who hold on to the edge of the acquiescence (one step away from merging with eternity) and work towards the betterment of human life.

No saint, sage, messiah, reincarnation, angel or philosopher can ever change the world, for they themselves would be caught in the illusion some way or the other. Unless the brain is active, nothing can happen. The truth cannot be known through miracles, blessing or prayer. We have created our own minds and we, ourselves, will have to get rid of them.

The irony today is that many scientists do not recognize the existence of the mind. They consider the mind as a singular entity and believe in human intelligence, which is a product of the mind, based on information. All the miseries of life and the paradox such as greed, lust, criminal behavior, inferiority and superiority complex, phobia, fear split personalities and many other psychological problems (all products of illusion; mind) can be eradicated forever. The human brain can function normally and make life happier and contented in the true sense. Therefore, I, a body named Rao, appeal to scientists to work in this direction and try to help mankind and understand Nature.

If we can bring about some changes in our present education system now (which just teaches words and helps develop the mind), at least the future generations will be free of useless thoughts and be inclined towards the natural abilities of the brain. Secondly, if we can do some genetic research and find the genes that help create the mind, we can rid mankind of this menace. Mankind, then, can be truly happy and use the present technology in the right perspectives.

Negative Entropy and Bio-dynamics can be summarized as under: -

15 billion years ago the universe was created out of a big bang and would end 15 billion years later. In it our solar system got created 5 billion years ago and would end 5 billion years later. In other words, our solar system was created out of a zero and would end in a zero. The mass before and after would remain the same. But in between, thousands of elements of the system would mix in various ways and means and create thousands of species and would thus keep multiplying. Besides, various transformation processes would also occur such as from a singled celled amoeba to multi-cellular animals; from multi-cellular animals to human brain; human brain to human mind-bound brain; human mind-bound brain to intelligent human brain; intelligent human brain to silicon chip based brain; silicon chip based brain to bio chip based brain and so on. Intelligence would keep changing and grow to a level of creative intelligence. The golden era for this has begun. In another 100 to 200 years mankind would become internally and externally happy. This is the summary of bio dynamics and negative entropy. Nature has created man as its son to make him eternally happy. Nature has also created the ego in man and would remove it one day. This would be the ultimate freedom for mankind – ‘Pragnya’. But, for this to happen, we will have to give up our mental thoughts and emotions so that the genetic and natural sensitivity in our DNA surfaces and a new science name ‘Nano Science’ can begin, after which, everything would happen on its own because the Law of Natural Evolution would work in it.